Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old F.O.gies: Toostiff Funnyfit Cardi

Truth be told, if we all wait around until I actually finish anything, blogs will probably be obsolete by then, and you'll be driving flying cars and knitting with fiber optic cables or something. So, call it padding, call it filler, call it what you will, I'll be calling this ongoing series Old F.O.gies.

For the inaugural Old F.O. I'd like to present a little number finished 9/20/06:

Pattern: Pismo from the Berocco Calico Leaflet
Yarn: Colinette Wigwam
Colorway: No idea
Needles: How should I know
Mods: adjusted for gauge, lowered button

The story of this little number is that one day I was at a Stitch 'n Bitch in Brooklyn and one of the attendees happened to work at a big knitting industry establishment. Said establishment had lots of yarn they were discarding and the kind soul brought a butt load of it to the group to scavenge. I grabbed up this Wigwam, remembering a pattern I once saw in a magazine for a tank that used Wigwam.
As all yarn I acquire does, this yarn went to live in my closet for several years before it got called into service. I no longer desired a thick, bulky weight tank top. I came across this Berocco pattern, thought the asymmetrical shape was cute, and that it might make a nice piece for sitting in the AC at work. Totally hate AC.
Anyhow, she came out okay. I wear it sometimes. I should have added waist shaping, but I thought the ribbing was going to do the trick. The fabric is absolutely bulletproof. There is no such thing as drape. She doesn't flatter the figure much either. Still, it's not the worst thing I've made.

Button is white shell from the button drawer. Love that site. Button could've been bigger. My fault, not theirs. Still, I like it.