Monday, October 29, 2007

the one in which i fall into a time suck and find some yarn...

as if the poor blog wasn't being neglected enough, a couple weeks ago my ravelry invite comes along and BAM - no more posting. the site is in a word amazing, but you've heard all that before.

so now, not only am i not knitting, i'm not blogging, and i'm spending hours exploring ravelry for ideas, inspiration, etc. it is addictive. i'm stephanieayn over there...come say hi.

although, i did unearth from the depths of the boxes, my project bag and the ivy pattern. honestly, i do want to knit again.

oh and i may have bought some yarn and ordered some magazines - if you didn't know Interweave Knits is having their back sale.

speaking of interweave, the winter '07 preview is up...i like the sweater girl pullover (although i'd have to sub the yarn - an entire sweater in mohair, ugh) and the gathered pullover but nothing else was really doing it for me.

ok, this was a really random post but its all i got on a monday morning.

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