Wednesday, June 13, 2007


so i haven't ripped the sock yet, but at knitting last night a wise knitter, who always dispenses the most sage advice and has to be the most encouraging knitbuddy (just ask chris about his intarsia project), advised me to put the sock on stitch holders and begin a new sock from the outside of the ball (since it was from one big hank) with the extra repeat and see how i like it before i rip.


it really is the best plan, and please, it's not like i've never had to rip anything out before, apparently though i am easily derailed and then just start new things...a little knitting ADD initiated by frustration.

oh, and thank you to the person who left the idea of starting the second sock before commencing the ripping in the comments, thats what originally sparked the thought.

the sweater sleeve is progressing nicely, no pics tonite, maybe by the weekend.

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