Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, I'm back. I've actually been back for nearly a week now, but once again, I've been procrastinating posting for lack of photographs.
You see, and I know its lame, but I am somewhat of a Luddite. I don't actually own a camera, much less a digital camera. Now, my husband is a photographer, so I do have cameras available to me. Still I have never touched those fancy cameras. I have a talent for breaking things that don't belong to me. Scott is happy to take photos for me, but its hardly top priority, so we'll just have to take 'em when we can get 'em until I get a camera of my own. Preferably one with very few knobs or buttons.
Anyhow, here's a quick breakdown, and I'll go into detail when I get my act together:

- I did receive my gorgeous Sockapaloozasocks the day before I left on my trip. The socks are lovely, and my wonderful sockpal, Angela, included a handmade bracelet that I have already worn several times, some cute notepads, and postcards from her hometown, Cincinnati. Funny coincidence, I had a layover at the Cincinnati airport the very next day. Anyway, this deserves its own post for sure, and very soon.

- My trip to Mexico was wonderful. Had a beautiful time. Knit socks. Not so wonderful. Post with pics soon.

- Other knitting...I made Scott a Zeebee before I left. The pattern is amazing, it looked great with the yarn. It didn't fit. Why didn't I measure one of his other hats? Why didn't I check gauge after knitting a while? I'll reknit after I've given it a timeout in the UFO closet.
I haven't touched the sleeves to my princess pullover. I am so uninspired.
I started aura but am only a few rows in.
Finally, the last project I have on the needles is one about which I could write a novel. I'll leave you with a link and let it suffice to say that I have made this hat at least 3 times now, without success. I am so not a crocheter, nor am I skilled in the ways of colorwork. I give you the Peruvian Motif Banded Crown Cap . In its latest incarnation I am attempting to knit it. Let me say, in its defence, that those Hatternique patterns are really brilliant and the fault is mine, not the pattern.

That's all I have strength for now. More when I can provide evidence.

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