Monday, August 6, 2007

Socks and Itchy Feet

Much to say, no photos.

My socks are winging their way to their new home, where I hope they'll be well recieved. Its exciting stuff, and I can't wait to recieve my own new socks as well, but sadly, I won't be here when they arrive.

I depart on Wednesday morning for sunny Mexico to rendevous with the man of my dreams. I know, I know, eat your hearts out.

8 hours of rarely interrupted knitting.

THat's what you were jealous of, right?

I am a little sad that I will miss the climax of all this Sockaplooza knitting and schemeing, but I think we can all agree that it'll be worth it.

THe fella and I are meeting in Puerto Vallarta, then we will proceed to lolly-gag our way down the coast, spending the nights in quaint fishing villages and our days playing in the surf. Finally, when we hit Acapulco, we will head inland to Mexico City, and fly home from there.

That means I get the bonus of car knitting too! Awesome. I think I'll focus on small bts of lace- but I'm conflicted. Perhaps you'll have some input? Here are my options:

1- The lace sleeves to my Princess Pullover
This sucker was started in summer 2005, and all I have left are sleeves!

2- Aura in Rowan Calmer for my niece who lives in Long Beach. She'll be home to visit shortly after I get home.

3- Droppy scarf in Artfibers Tsuki for my best friend who lives in Santa Cruz. She bought me a big box of Artfibers goodies last birthday, and I promised half would become gifts for her. So fart, only delivered a hat, so I have some knitting to do there.

4- some kind of socks, cause socks are that perfect sort of thinking, but often not thinking too hard, portable knitting.

Thanks for your input- you know I'll probably bring at least 2 of those!

Pics when I get home!


stephanie said...

weird...when i opened the link through the pligg email the cool poll graphic was there, but when i logged into pligg to vote and then opened the post, it was gone. not sure what happened.

you know you've got to bring socks and i would suggest either the aura hat (looks fairly simple and definately portable) or the artfibers scarf (just can't resist that yarn)!

have fun.

Anonymous said...

This is Christian's sockapalooza pal checking in to let him know that his socks were sent today. Just a few more days and they will be there!

Sarah's sock pal said...

Your socks just might arrive before you leave on your enviable trip. :) They were sent out on Friday, Priority mail. Hopefully they'll arrive on Tuesday. :)

I hope that you like 'em!

Adrienne said...

I just got my socks today, and I love them! They are extremely perfect (and how did you know I was a tea addict?)

Theresa said...

I agree that lace is the best possible travel knitting. Go with the scarf - that's the easiest to carry.