Tuesday, August 21, 2007

who doesn't love the smell of cardboard in the morning?

what do you think the movers will think? i'm guessing not much (i dont think they care nearly as much about my stuff as i do), but it's still kinda funny.

during my last move, i realized that i am a very bad box labeler - what? who would have guessed that "fans and crap" isn't descriptive enough? and that 3 boxes labeled "bathroom" didn't help me find my soap any faster.

so this time (since we are moving waaaaay more crap), i've been trying to be as exact as possible, it is really quite funny. we'll see how well it actually works, i'm still expecting a near meltdown when all i really want to do is take a shower and i can't find the freaking soap!

so knitting, eh? yeah haven't been doing much of it. i left myself the anastasia socks and the ivy sleeve (that still needs to be ripped) and a very old WIP languishing at that bottom of my knitting bag. but honestly between work and packing and TRYING to squeeze in some summer fun i just haven't knit a stitch.

here's to hoping i'll pick up the needles soon.

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