Wednesday, July 11, 2007

debunking the myth

did you ever have one of those days/weeks/lifetimes where it seems like no matter what you did you just couldnt get it right? i'm not talking about making mistakes in knitting or calling people by the wrong names, i'm talking more like tripping up the stairs on the way into work with your staff coming up right behind you.

You know what i'm talking about, right? like talking with your boss and the pen not only flies out of your hand but it hits you square in the head and lands on your light blue skirt leaving a lovely black line?

how about hanging out with your girlfriends and some others you dont know as well (outside the office lets say) and accidentally sitting on a cherry, having to change into shorts 2 sizes to big while you tide-to-go your pants and realize that you have just debunked the myth to everyone around you that you really dont have your shit together?

oh, thats just me? ok then.

its funny really. how on the surface we can convince ourselves that we've got it together and all it takes is an old sandal with a bad heel, a piece of fruit and an unwieldy bick roller pen to bring everyone to the conclusion i came to a long time it's really ok, i've known forever, i was just hoping to keep the myth alive a little longer.

oh yeah...i finished my socks - yipee! its too dark for a photo - will get to that on friday.

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