Sunday, July 1, 2007

Necessity one…procrastination zero

Well, after several weeks of absenteeism, much razzing from Stephanie and Sarah, as well as my neighbor, it was necessity that finally caused me to actually get back on the horse and post something. I think part of my problem was much like Sarah’s. I wanted my next post to include a picture of my sock pal’s socks. The problem however was that they were not going very well and I was distracted by gardening, my birthday and a virus on my computer.

My birthday is over, my garden looks good, and I actually was able to get the virus removed form my computer, and most importantly I’m actually on a roll with my socks. After ripping them out four times in an attempt to get the size right. I think I’ve got it now, or at least I hope I do.

The issue however, and I hope to get some insight on this from someone, is now that I am turning the heel I’m not too sure I understand the directions. The socks I’m working on (in case you don’t recognize them) are Monkey, by Cookie A. The directions indicate that from row 2 until row 14 (under Turn the Heel) you should slip the first 11 stitches then knit/purl…blah, blah, blah. That does not seem to make sense to me. I have done plenty of socks before and never turned a heel like that. So my question is, has anyone done it that way? I would think by slipping 11 stitches in a row you would end up with a long piece of yarn on the inside of the sock…no?

Any input would be most helpful…

Edited By Author - 7/2/07
I guess the old adage measure twice cut once should also apply to knitting as well. pattern twice and knit once. When I got to work this morning Stephanie and I were talking around the water cooler about my heel issue and how strange the pattern was. For some reason Stephanie suggested we take a look on the Knitty site to see if there were any edits to the pattern. I was embarrassed to discover that in fact the pattern read Sl 1 not S 11. I guess when I spilled water on the pattern the ink ran causing the "l" to look like a "1". I guess on a positive note, at least I caught my idiotness first. SO, lesion learned... If a knitting pattern does not seem to make sense, read it again, out load, preferably to someone who knits.

On the bright side at least my blond moment got me to post something.


Reggie said...

Blonde moment eh?...I've had alot of those lately...even though I'm a red-head. The socks look great! Monkey is working it's way to the top of my list of "must knits".

Kate said...

Pretty, pretty yarn! Who, what, where?

Susan said...

I think it's just the typeface that the pattern is in, 'cause I thought the same thing at first!

Christian said...

The yarn in question is Fleece artist sea wool in color "Paris"