Sunday, July 22, 2007

Over the limit

I tend to have about 3 active projects at a time: one for at work on my lunch break, and two at home- a mindless one and a thoughtful one. Truth be told, usually i focus one just one or the other, but I like to consider them both "active". One of my goals this year is to clear out a significant number of UFOs, so I have been trying to make 2 of the 3 a revived old project. See how I like making up rules, then forcing myself to follow them?
Anyhow, my thoughtful, at home project that I chose to revive was started in summer of 2005. It is the Princess Pullover, a free pattern from Elann. I keep returning to this project because i think the finished product will be really beautiful, but honestly, this yarn is no fun to work with, and the pattern is written in that vague, German-y way that makes it frustrating at times. At this point, I have only the sleeves left to knit. Last night I sat down with a glass of wine and cast on both sleeves at once. By glass of wine number two, I realized my stitch count was no long working on one of the sleeves, so i took it right off the needles and figured I'd just proceed with one sleeve at a time. By glass number three, I was headed for bed, both sleeves ripped and vowing not to knit lace while A) drinking, even a little B) talking to ANYONE C) Watching anything on TV that I need to see to enjoy

Very sad. Fingers crossed that the new rules will lead to progress tomorrow.

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